Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat: The Science of Physical Perfection

Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat: The Science of Physical Perfection

English | 2003-10 | ISBN: 0938045520 | PDF | 180 pages | 3 MB

What you think -- you become. Knowledge is power. When it comes to changing your body, do you really know what to think? Cutting through the confusion of claims, beliefs and pseudo-science that bedevils modern bodybuilding, best-selling fitness author, Ori Hofmekler, reveals the untold secrets behind guaranteed muscle gain -- and guaranteed fat loss. Now, for the first time, you can unlock your true physical potential -- by understanding the fundamental biological principles of physical transformation. Once you own this wisdom, you will be the master of your body. Discover: How to turn on your anabolic switch -- and optimise muscle growth; The cellular science behind muscle gain and fat loss; How to use your own fat to build more muscle -- and other surprising secrets of modern bio-science; What you really need to know to harness the full power of human growth and steroid hormones; How to develop 'super muscle' -- a muscle packed with unprecedented power and strength; 'Muscle shifting' -- a potent new way to redesign your body; How to make insulin your friend -- in the race for more muscle and less fat; The scientific support behind the ancient wisdom of controlled under-eating and overeating -- releasing your 'inner beast' to become a metabolic powerhouse.


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